AM1 Alpha Carbon Blue Thruster set Futures fins



FUTURES FINS presents the AM1 Alpha Carbon Blue Thruster set Blue.


A great classic from Futures Fins, we find the AM1 Alpha, a drift to accompany your favorite Thruster.

Futures Fins technology guarantees a quality drift that generates more control and release during your maneuvers, a surf in the critical part of the wave and a smooth transition from one rail to another.

The Alpha technology is made from a carbon derivative that allows for more lightness and strength, but also a flex that is ideal for generating maximum speed even in the softest of conditions.

Ideal for surfing all types of waves, it will be perfect for a surfer looking for more performance on his shortboard.

The Future base is characteristic of the brand and makes it lighter and more durable.




- Thruster drifts
- Alpha Technology
- Futures Base
- Carbon Black
- Light and strong
- Ideal for all types of waves
- Foil - Flat
- M (68 kg to 80 kg)

Eco Friendly
Livraison en 48h

Livraison en 48h

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