DaFin is the reference brand of Bodyboard and Bodysurf fins. It was created by Andy Cochran, a native of Bondi, Australia. Surfer, but also practising many water sports such as bodysurfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing. Andy Cochran has devoted his life to the oceans. He has now lived in Hawaii for more than 30 years.

In the mid-1990s, Andy Cochran created Dafin. Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana, famous professional lifeguards and bodysurfers, contributed to DaFin's development and reputation worldwide, helping Cochran to develop one of the most innovative and successful fins on the market.


Dafin, high-performance fins, is characterized by technical innovation, comfort and performance. Given these characteristics, these unique and extremely effective fins are ideal for extreme sports such as deep-sea rescue, swimming, bodysurfing or bodyboarding. They are effective in the most extreme conditions. They are also suitable for pool use.

The fins have a very ergonomic shape and combine flexibility and robustness. They are made of high quality natural rubber from Malaysia. The fins are moulded and result from a manufacturing process which results in the integration of a rigid and robust part: the Kick and two parts which are flexible but just as solid: the shoe and the strap.

This unique manufacturing process produces a very light blade with an innovative shape to create more power. Indeed, Dafin is one of the lightest palm brands on the market. By reducing the weight of the fin in this way, the forces that result from an action in an aquatic environment are reduced, thus reducing the risk of cramps.


Dafin is the palm with the best strength/lightness ratio in the world. As for the shoe, under the sole, it is soft but also strong on the kick. This promotes swimming and user comfort by allowing a better transmission of the power of the kick. The life span of the fin is also improved over time.

Thus, the slipper is soft and silky and allows the user to keep his foot in the palm, thus reducing any risk of blisters or injuries related to friction intensive rubber on the skin. The use of a neoprene slipper is therefore not necessary.

In addition, the fins have channels, or furrows, which are also called "strakes". They allow a smooth and smooth flow of water to the tips of the fins. This increases the efficiency during the user's effort and saves energy by reducing the friction of the palm in the water. This innovative technology allows maximum acceleration and more thrust per kick. Thanks to this, the user also gains in manoeuvrability on the face of the wave but also in eddies and turbulent waters.

Dafin fins are also symmetrical, which helps to preserve the joints during intensive use. In addition, they also have the particularity of floating in salt water. This can be practical in the event of an accident or in extreme situations.

Dafin has created a fin that allows incomparable power of movement while maintaining comfort, safety and unequalled robustness.


For more than 10 years now, the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association has made DaFin its preferred and recommended work tool. Today, the palm is a reference in sea rescue for many clubs and associations around the world.

Dafin is simply an innovative palm brand, combining technology, safety and comfort. A world reference recognized by the pioneers of surfing, which will guarantee the greatest satisfaction of any user.