Marlin Fins

Marlin Fins

Marlinfins is an unusual brand of fins. Its creator, J. Caiado Moulds, has never surfed, but wanted to put his skills in polymer (plastic) moulding to good use. Working in partnership with a Portuguese surf shop, Péniche SurfShop, he now creates fins from recycled plastics. Plastic is a low-cost material, so their fins are very affordable and, above all, of excellent quality.


Marlinfins is a brand that has dared to bet on a material such as plastic, a material usually rejected by the surfing world. This partnership between J. Caiado and Peniche Surf Shop is the story of dreamers and enthusiasts who want to change things a little.


Marlinfins is a brand of friends, almost brothers, and that's another of its strengths. The brand is totally independent in its production and product development, and does not depend on any outside support. The use of recycled plastic is another of the brand's strengths. Marlinfins saw an opportunity in plastic: an extraordinary material, which it decided to transform into something useful rather than leaving it to rot in nature.

Today, Marlinfins has made a name for itself in the world of European surfing. But it's a brand that remains too little known and that absolutely must be highlighted. Discover their history and, above all, their collection of fins.


The history of the brand

The Marlinfins story is quite different from any other surf brand you might know. The man at the heart of the project, J. Caiado Moulds, has never surfed. Yet his fins give the impression that he knows surfers' needs inside out. J. Caiado Moulds is highly experienced in the moulding of plastics and other polymers. Armed with this expertise, this Portuguese man decided to find a solution for reusing the plastic that was soiling the beautiful beaches in his region. Unfortunately, he was unable to mould the plastic on the beaches because it was neither flexible nor rigid enough, but J. Caiado didn't stop there.

He decided to recycle other plastics, turning to industrial plastics made from waste from the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. These were perfect for moulding, and J. Caiado realised that he could recycle them into something useful for the local people. With the help of Péniche SurfShop, a surf shop in Portugal, J. Caiado Moulds transformed these recycled plastics into a superb collection of fins.
The combination of J. Caiado Moulds' expertise and Péniche SurfShop's technique has resulted in an ethical, environmentally-friendly project and, above all, top-quality fins at unbeatable prices.


The brand is constantly renewing itself, paying close attention to new moulding methods, new polymers and perfecting its fins. From both an ethical and sporting point of view, Marlinfins has a perfect record.


Environmentally-friendly production from recycled materials

J Caiado Moulds has been moulding plastic in various forms for almost 40 years. Plastic is a low-cost material, and above all one that is easy to recycle. When he saw the beaches of Portugal, J. Caiado realised that plastic was everywhere and that we had to do something useful with it rather than let it pollute our cities.

All the other 'competing' surf brands claim that plastic is unsuitable for fin production. But Marlinfins has realised that anything is possible with plastic. The J. Caiado Moulds technique makes it possible to make the plastic as soft, flexible, hard or elastic as desired in order to create unique fins perfectly suited to each surfer. On top of that, plastic is very light, and also very abundant, so Marlinfins is not limited in its production. It's thanks to this material that the brand can afford to present such low-cost fins.


But this low price doesn't mean poor quality, quite the opposite. Their daggerboards made from recycled material are certainly the best daggerboards you'll find at this price. The performance of their products has already won over thousands of surfers, and Marlifins has shown that it's possible to make daggerboards that are both high-performance, biodegradable and made from recycled material. Well done to them.


The fin collection

Each Marlinfins fin is completely unique in its design. The aesthetics and the marbled effect of their fins depend on the recycled plastic used to manufacture them, so no two fins are alike.


  •     The Sinbad nine-inch longboard fin

Marlinfins calls this Sinbad nine-inch single fin "the best fin of their brand". Created with longboard masters, this fin is pretty versatile. The flex is pretty stiff. Even in heavy swells, this fin has some surprises in store. Its quality, shape and performance are exceptional. It works well in all conditions and at all levels.

Like many of the brand's fins, the design has a slightly marbled effect that looks very cool. This is due to the colours of the recycled plastic used in its manufacture. The price is very low (37 euros) but this fin is definitely worth a try. If you're a hesitant surfer, used to classic fibreglass fins, you'll be amazed at the effectiveness of Marlinfins products.
A 7'0 (seven-inch) version is also available.


  •     The Quad lagido set

The Quad lagido set features fins that are perfect for a board with a soft rail, so for a surfer who prefers softer, smaller conditions. Ideal for longboards, funboards and grovellers, this set will give you plenty of speed and extra safety.


  •     Almagreira fin

Available in a range of colours, this fin is ideal for waves with power of up to 2.5 metres. It combines the perfect balance between stability and manoeuvrability. These fins are real warriors: super-strong, they're perfect for big conditions.


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