HaydenShapes Surfboards

HaydenShapes Surfboards

Founded in 1997 in Sydney, Australia, Haydenshapes Surfboards is a brand of modern, high performance surfboards. Designed with innovative materials, the brand's boards are known worldwide in the surfing world.

Its creator, a true autodidact of the shape, knew how to develop the Hypto krypto, the best-selling board in the world and elected board of the year in 2014 and 2015 according to the Australian Surfing Awards. Haydenshapes Surfboards are featured in many of Taylor Steele's films when he films Craig Anderson.

The brand is now sold in over 70 countries worldwide and is based in Australia and Los Angeles. It's a brand that aims to enhance the surfer's performance while ensuring they have maximum fun.

These boards have modern designs and black and white aesthetics with their own technology. The FutureFlex, definitely shows that Haydenshapes Surfboards was created by a surfer for the sake of surfing. Today we invite you to learn more about Haydenshapes Surfboards, the surfer brand you need to know.


When he was 15 years old, Hayden Cox broke his favorite surfboard. Since he didn't have the money to buy a new one, he decided to make one so he could get back out on the water as soon as possible.

At the age of 16, the young entrepreneur created his first website "Haydenshapes Surboards" and sold his boards to friends and teachers at his school. The shaper decided to dedicate his career to the world of surfing and, at the age of 20, he opened his first board factory in Mona Vale, 28 km from Sydney.

Wanting to offer surfers the best boards possible, Hayden Cox shaped his boards using innovative materials and new construction techniques to create the best performing boards possible. The success of the brand is worldwide, Haydenshapes Surboards collaborates with the best surfers, like the former world champion Tom Carroll.

After the brand's worldwide success, Haydenshapes expanded its base outside of Australia by setting up shop in Los Angeles. Shaper Hayden Cox is now an ambassador for Audi, Samsung and IWC Schaffhausen and the brand has truly established itself in the surfing world as the benchmark brand for quality boards.


The trademark of Haydenshapes Surfboards is undoubtedly its search for innovation to create boards that are always more versatile. In order to get the most out of the wave, Hayden Cox created the FutureFlex technology. This shaper knows boards well, having had his first one at the age of five.

With experience, he realized that boards glide differently depending on their flexibility. The ability of traditional boards to move through the water depends on a strip of wood that runs through the middle of the board.

Cox designed a new board technology by removing this wood strip and replacing it with an outer carbon fiber frame around the board. The FutureFlex technology developed by Hayden allows surfers to better manage their board and ride the waves more easily.

With FutureFlex, your board will feel like a springboard. In fact, Cox realized that carbon fiber was the material that allowed for the best board flex. The brand's surfboards are designed to allow you to generate maximum speed and cater to all levels of riders, from beginner to expert.

The legend Tom Carroll is said to have called FutureFlex the "Ferrari" of surfboards, and we can only trust Tom Carroll. The technology has been patented and FutureFlex is now used by top surf brands like Quiksilver.


We advise you to visit the website of the brand which explains and advises surfers on the different designs of the boards. But we have prepared a small selection of the two most emblematic boards of the brand.

Hypto Krypto: the most versatile

At first glance, the Krypto might scare an inexperienced surfer, but it is without a doubt the most versatile board of the brand. The nose is wide enough to allow you to pick up a lot of speed by pumping with your front foot.

At the back, the tail adds a lot of maneuverability if you're tubing or just riding the face of the wave. Between the nose and tail the rocker is flat with a little lift in the back which will allow you to maneuver well in the trough.

The Hypto Krypto is now the best selling board in the world and a test session is all it takes to understand why.

Holy Grail: the best performing board

The Holy Grail was created after Australian surfer Ben Wilkinson asked Hayden Cox to shaper a board that would allow him to surf big waves better. The surfer wanted to turn easier and faster.

The Holy Grail, with its atypical shape, has become the reference board if you are looking for speed and performance handling. The Holy Grail is easy to paddle which will allow you to enter the wave very early. It has a lot of drive, but with just a touch of the tail, it turns in less than a tenth of a second.

Extremely fast, the board doesn't bog down on flat spots and keeps that speed. The board holds up well, is very natural and definitely becomes the board of choice for any decent surfer looking for the perfect tool to perform at its best on the waves. This is the type of board that will allow you to progress exponentially.


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