Pocket Knife 9'2 Bing surfboards



BING SURFBOARDS offers us the Pocket Knife 9'2 in tinted resin.


A great classic from Bing Surfboards, we find the Pocket Knife 9'2, a single longboard inspired by Mele Saili, pro rider of the brand.

The midship is located at the back of the board which means it can deliver fast and smooth pivot turns. It also makes it easier in Noseride

position, because the back of the board is wider and therefore allows a better control.

The Pocket Knife has softened 50/50 rails for optimum stability and the rounded Diamond Tail is ideal for smooth and graceful turns.

Easy to paddle, this board is perfect for a beginner to advanced surfer who wants to surf waves ranging from 50 cm to 1.80 m.

For the practice of Noseride, it is advisable to take 2¨ more than your usual longboard size.

Bing Surfboards guarantees us here a product made in USA that will satisfy you in any kind of condition.


Characteristics :


  • Longboard
  • 9'2 x 22,625 x 2,875
  • Tinted resin
  • Made in USA - California
  • Single
  • Round Diamond Tail
  • Ideal for waves from 50 cm to 1.8 m
  • Ideal for the practice of Noseriding
Made In USA
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Livraison en 48h

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