Classic 3 stringer 9'2 Bing surfboards

LONGBOARD Classic 3 stringer 9'2 BING SURFBOARDS


BING SURFBOARDS offers us the Classic 3 stringer 9'2 in tinted resin.


A great classic from Bing Surfboards, we find the Classic 3 stringer 9'2, a historical longboard created by Bing in the 60s. This single is ideal for speed.

The board has a pig-like outline, with a slightly wider rear end and a master bau located slightly further back.

The Classic 3 Stringer is made with a triple redwood batten, a tail block and a volan patch on the top and bottom of the board at the daggerboard. The volan patch provides extra strength and resistance.

Easy to paddle, this board is perfect for a beginner to advanced surfer who wants to surf waves from 50 cm to 3 m.

Bing Surfboards guarantees us here a product made in USA that will satisfy you in any kind of condition.


Characteristics :


- Longboard
- 9'2 x 22,625 x 2,875
- Tinted resin
- Wooden Block Tail
- Made in USA - California
- Single
- Square Tail
- 3 slats of sequioa wood
- Ideal for waves from 50 cm to 3 m
- Performance
- Quickboard
- Price includes Fins

Made In USA
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Livraison en 48h

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