AM1 Blackstix 3.0 Futures fins



FUTURES FINS presents the AM1 Blackstix 3.0 Cream.


A great classic from Futures Fins, we find the AM1 Blackstix 3.0, a drift to accompany your favorite performance Thruster.

The Futures Fins technology guarantees a quality fin that generates more control and release during your maneuvers, a surfing in the critical part of the wave and a fluid transition from one rail to the other.

Blackstix technology makes the Al Merrick a benchmark for dynamics and speed. The carbon fiber drape is laid down asymmetrically from the outside to the inside of the centerboard. A second layer of carbon is superimposed on the first and covers the entire fin.

This technique allows to stiffen the base of the daggerboard which will thus generate more release and with more power.

Ideal for surfing all types of waves, it will be perfect for a surfer looking for more performance on his Thruster.

The Future base is characteristic of the brand and makes it a lighter and stronger product.




- Thruster fins
- Blackstix technology
- Futures Base
- Carbon
- Light and strong
- Ideal for all types of waves
- Foil - V2
- Medium size (68kg to 80 kg)

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Livraison en 48h

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Paiement sécurisé


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